Senior Pastor

Please review the church, community and pastoral profiles and all areas of our website including our doctrinal statement.  Submit the following to apply for the position of Senior Pastor of Machias Valley Baptist Church:

  • Cover letter*

  • Resume

  • 2 demonstrations of preaching (video preferred)

*In your cover letter, please include the following:


1. Your personal testimony 

2. Address the following question:

Of the seven spiritual gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8, which one best describes you and why?


1.  Prophecy - you demonstrate God’s love by proclaiming God’s truth with power and clarity to the present culture for correction, repentance, or edification.  “What went wrong?”

2.  Service - you demonstrate God’s love by meeting spiritual needs (by you or others) through practical physical needs.  “What can I do to help?"


3. Teaching - you demonstrate God’s love by understanding and giving detailed explanation of biblical truth.  “What is the truth?”


4.  Exhortation - you demonstrate God’s love by coming alongside others to reassure, strengthen, affirm, and challenge their faith.  “What must be done to fix this?”


5.  Giving - you demonstrate God’s love by liberally using your resources to further the gospel message.  “What can I give?”


6.  Leadership - you demonstrate God’s love by executing the plan as a point person utilizing others to accomplish the common goal.  “Where’s the goal?”


7.  Mercy - you demonstrate God’s love by identifying with the pain of others and seek to bring comfort to them.  “How can I make them feel better?”


Email applications to:


Mail applications to:

Machias Valley Baptist Church

Attn: Pastor Search Committee

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